Zygor Guides

Zygor Guides Pros

  • Zygor Guides is designed abreast to World of Warcraft and complies with Blizzard’s Terms of Service making it 100% legit and reliable
  • The software provides step-by-step instructions and maps of what quests one should accept and reveals methods to complete objectives. Zygor Guides also tracks the progress of the player while advancing through the game
  • The software has an easy and simple installation process which is free from bugs and viruses. Moreover, one is able to configure the guide in the best possible way they are comfortable with
  • In case the user incurs any problem, Zygor Guide’s Technical Support team is available 24/7 for assistance
  • With the help of Zygor Guides, one is able to level up and face challenges with a blink of an eye. The guide also includes navigational arrows to show you exactly where to go while playing the game. Zygor Guides gives you the opportunity to stand out in the crowd as you will be achieving more than your friends within no time at all!
  • Several users of Zygor Guides report their success in mastering the game with the help of the software
  • The guide is kept up-to-date and offers free lifetime updates to its users. Moreover, Zygor Guides comes with a limited time trial period that allows you to test the competency of the software before you decide to purchase it


Zygor Guides Cons

  • Zygor Guides can only be purchased from the software’s official website. It cannot be found at any local store
  • Having everything laid out before a person is likely to destroy their opportunity to use the strategic problem solving component of their brain. In reality, Zygor Guides alone is credible for your success in the game as you haven’t done anything on your part. What’s the point of playing?
  • The guide can only be used for World of Warcraft and not any other game


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