Tattoo Me Now

Getting a tattoo is a very personal decision and for most of us, a pretty permanent one. We have all heard of tattoo horror stories. Tattoo Me Now is a membership website that is specifically designed to help avoid your worst tattoo nightmares. The main feature of this website is, of course, the huge gallery containing literally thousands of images divided into 40 categories. Also, more and higher quality tattoo designs by famous tattoo artists are constantly being updated to the site. All of these images can either be printed out in high resolution along with the stencil. Sometimes, the wide variety of options can also inspire you to come up with your own design using one of the existing designs as a base.

Tattoo Me Now Pros

  • The tattoo designs are divided up into categories to make browsing easier
  • The designs as well as stencils can be printed out in high resolution
  • There is a bookmark feature which makes it easier to go back to your favorite designs
  • There is a members’ gallery where members post photos of their tattoos in different categories. It is a great place to check out how a certain tattoo design turned out or to get ideas for ways to modify a design
  • Tattoo Me Now also boasts a studio directory that contains a list of tattoo studios across 38 countries, along with 5 star rating and comments feature
  • We also loved the discussion forum where you can get your questions about tattoos answered by professional tattoo artists or just ask other members for their opinion

Tattoo Me Now Cons

  • It might be bit of an invest for someone who only wishes to get that one tattoo or two


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