Rocket Piano

Rocket Piano is piano lesson software designed by Ruth Searle. She is professional pianist trained in classical music, with a lot of experience in other genres as well such as pop, rock, jazz, gospel, etc. Her creativity and her ability to impart that knowledge and spirit to others is evident through this program that she has designed. It is a set of seven eBooks that contain piano lessons beginning through advanced. All of the ebooks, media files, and software included in the package can be downloaded from the website. You can also sign up on the Rocket Piano website and try out six free lessons.

Rocket Piano is one of the best Piano tutorial software package. The program is developed and marketed by RockStar Recipes, the developers of several other intuitive tutorial programs. With Rocket Piano you can learn how to play this majestic instrument from the comfort of your own home. You can then play all the songs you love from your favorite artists. With the skills you could gain from Rocket Piano you can easily own the songs and make them your own. In modern music, you can make what are called musical covers of the songs. These are your own personalized and great-sounding versions of the songs you love by famous artistes. You can then easily set up an income doing what you love by putting up your music on Amazon MP3 or iTunes.


Rocket Piano has emerged as an authoritative piano tutorial software package and one that provides a great alternative to hiring human tutors. First of all, it is hard to verify the credentials of tutors these days. You could be wasting your money on months of tutoring that will leave you the same were you were or even confused about how to master the instrument. And as if that’s not enough, the fees you would pay such a tutor per month are more than enough to obtain Rocket Piano!

Rocket Piano Pros

  • As piano tutorial programs go, Rocket Piano is one of the easiest available
  • It is really simple to download the files from the website as and when you need them, which makes it less cumbersome
  • We loved the progress tracking feature included with each ebook, that lets you keep a record of the skills that you master as well as the date you learnt them
  • As a bonus, with each purchase of Rocket Piano, you get a metronome and games
  • The games help you learn and remember the chords and are actually designed to help you master the tricky parts quickly
  • It includes the subscription to a supplementary newsletter containing information on various topics, one that is sent out pretty consistently

Rocket Piano Cons

  • This program does not integrate with a MIDI keyboard
  • Rocket Piano site does not have any online forums or discussion board
  • Even though it has an FAQ section that covers pretty much everything, the customer support, in case you have any other issues, is not that great


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