Real Writing Jobs

“Work from the Comforts of One’s Living Room”, is the motto chanted by Real Writing Jobs. Real Writing Jobs tears apart all boundaries that limit the opportunity of employment that lay on fields and offices alone.

Real Writing Jobs aims to build a bridge between employers and writers across the globe bringing them together one platform in order to interact with each other and avail from each others’ services. Real Writing Jobs is tied up with multinational companies and employers who post their job projects over the website. Freelancers are given the opportunity to sign up on the website and apply for the projects that interest them the most. Real Writing Jobs entails a registration fee and monthly membership fee that needs to be paid in order to avail from the services.


Real Writing Jobs Pros

  • Real Writing Jobs is 100% legal as it abides by the law
  • Working with international clients proves to be motivating while generating international work experience at the same time
  • No experience or educational qualification is required in order to sign up on and avail from the benefits of Real Writing Jobs. A command on English is all that is needed
  • The projects posted vary from genre to genre that allow the user to choose the project that appeals them the most
  • Real Writing Jobs reaches out to people worldwide and allows one to work from the comforts of their homes. This also means that an individual is able to set their own work hours without having to worry about an authority bossing them around
  • Even if one is not a writer by profession, the site provides several commendable grammar and error check tools that work on leaving one with flawless work but also polish up ones language skills
  • Real Writing Jobs offers a 10 day trial period which allows the customer to become a member of the website only after achieving complete satisfaction with its services

Real Writing Jobs Cons

  • The services of Real Writing Jobs is not free of cost and requires a registration fee and monthly membership fee that needs to be paid regardless the user sees any success on the site or not. Moreover, the fee is directly debited from one’s bank account
  • Payments for the jobs are at employer’s discretion and Real Writing Jobs takes no account of any payment guarantee
  • An internet connection is mandatory in order to make use of the services of Real Writing Jobs. Since, it is a virtual platform; all interactions will be made online. One will never know what the person on the other side of the screen is like by any nature


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