Plan My Baby

Plan My Baby is the most unique program for every couple out there trying to start a family and have the kid of their dreams. This will allow you to avoid mistakes that people are making, boost your chances in conceiving your dream baby, especially allowing women to achieve orgasm.

Plan My Baby  program has 3 easy steps to follow when choosing the baby’s gender before conception:

  1. Ovulation and Importance of Knowing when youa re ovulating for conceiving a boy or girl.
  2. Adjust your diet to create the ideal environment for sperm x and sperm y
  3. Use a particular sexual position to conceive a boy or a girl.


A lot of people think that creating a baby is one position and one way however this teaches you the numerous ways you can conceive a baby. This is the step by step guide to getting you to where you want for your family and producing the family you want.

The Plan My Baby program gives you secret to accurately prediting your baby’s gender, the true ways to increase fertility. In addition the calculation of one’s own ovulation date and using it to an advantage, timing of intercourse to get either boy or girl and lastly the absolutely secret formula that uses all off the above to create the dream family you want.


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