Old School New Body

Old School New Body is a very unique fitness program designed for everyone, in the form of a book. The book covers all that you need to know and practice when tell-tale signs of ageing are just showing or you already are in your late 50s or older. This book is a compilation of diet plans, workouts, dos and don’ts; in a nutshell, everything that helps you reverse the signs of ageing and give you a completely fit body.


Old School New Body, as the product title itself suggests, no matter how old school your body gets, you can always have a new one with the help of this unique program. This book that has been designed for people of all age groups has got nothing to do with those commonplace exercise or fitness training programs or nutrition plans or even anti-ageing pills or such akin stuff. Quite the contrary, this book is the result of an extensive study and research over the years and provides you with very simple yet effective methods which you can put to practice in order to get the body you have always wanted, no matter even if you are in your late 40s, or 50s or 60s or even 70s. There are specific ways to move, eat and think which tells your brains to stop the rapid ageing process, and this very book tells you how. A compilation of a F4X Training Program, the OSNB Ageless Nutrition Plan, and a plethora of anti-aging secrets and protocols; this book puts you on a very unique 90 minutes per WEEK protocol that ACTUALLY work, especially for the older person, and in the case of both men and women.

A few of the many essentials that “Old School New Body” book cover are-

  • The quickest, easiest and the most effective way to shape your body; lose weight, tone and firm up, and develop age-defying strength
  • Long workouts make you age faster. So this book tells you how and which precise exercises to perform so that you acquire a great body without having to worry about looking older than what you are.
  • Also the way you think and eat has got a lot to do with the pace of ageing and shaping your body. Old School New Body tells which precise food to have and which ones to avoid, at the same time giving you a mental boost to think more positive than before

Priced at a limited edition value of $20 only, this handbook on fitness during your old age is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee which ensures that your hard earned money is not wasted for nothing.


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