Learn Photo Editing

Have you always wanted to be able to edit photos and provide quality pictures without breaking the bank? Well now is your chance to learn “For The Price Of A Camera Strap”. At Learn Photo Editing site you have the opportunity to learn these skills without paying the high tuition prices all the professionals pay.


Learn Photo Editing site provides twenty five professional photoshop tutorials on how to edit like a pro all which include:

  • How to create a cartoon character with photo manipulation & retouching
  • How to make your portraits look out of this world
  • How to make facial features pop out with retouching
  • How to create a curreal looking character with advanced retouching techniques
  • How to give your portraits the “Video Game Look”
  • How to create impactful portaits
  • How to turn your photos into high impact magazine ads
  • Digital painting for beginners: How to paint with a mouse
  • How to create fantasy characters in photoshop
  • How to create breathtaking images
  • How to create a fantasy environment with photo manipulation
  • How to change the look of a dull photo with color grading
  • How to do an extreme makeover digitally in photoshop
  • How to bring out colors & details in your photos
  • How to make the most out of your raw photos
  • How to create a light box for pocket change
  • How to make a portrait pop out of the screen
  • How to transform your portraits with color grading
  • How to create a zombie infested city
  • How to retouch your portraits like the pros
  • How to improve the look of your wedding photos
  • And the list goes on…

Learn Photo Editing site was designed and started by a professional graphic artist, editor and photographer. The main goal of these tutorials is being able to create quality photos by spending as little money as possible.

The key thing about this is to make sure you have Photoshop CS5 or a newer version. Learn Photo Editing site will teach you the start of being a master editing expert. For only $25 you can but the program and have a lifetime membership access to all the tutorials.


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