Imoviesclub is a legally registered movie distributor that allows you to download movies on to your computer for a fixed subscription fee. Once downloaded, these movies are legally yours to keep and watch for as long as you like. There is no limit to the number of movies that can be downloaded. These movies can be downloaded on to practically any device that can play movies, such as your computer, iPhone, or any mp3 device.

Imoviesclub is the service to go for if you are one of those avid movie fans. With Imoviesclub you have access to a 24/7 store of full movies that you can download, stream or watch at any time you please. The movie downloads are completely legal and are in High Definition sound and video. You can use Imoviesclub on your iPad, iPhone, Tablet, laptop, desktop etc. For PCs, it does not matter if you run Linux, Windows or Macintosh. All you need to have to use Imoviesclub is a steady internet connection that can stream premium quality content. Do not forget that you can download and archive these movies on DVD for future watching or showing to friends and family.


Unlike other similar services that are cropping up, you are not required to install any extra hardware. Also, you do not have to pay month by month if you subscribe to the gold plan that allows you to have a full two years access at a price that is a fraction of your usual monthly fee for Cable. Imoviesclub is here to bring your movie entertainment to a whole new level. As long as you have the Internet, you have total access to a world filled with the intrigues of movies. Get Imoviesclub now!

Imoviesclub Pros

  • There is no restriction on which movies you can download based on either their number or category. For instance, you can download anything from comedy, horror, drama, action, fantasy, or any other genre. All movies are available to download
  • It is legal and all the movies are available for a one time subscription fee
  • The movies work on virtually any electronic device with the capability to play back movies
  • The movies become your property once they have been downloaded, and you never have to pay to watch them again
  • There is no recurring fee based on the number of movies downloaded, quite unlike purchasing a CD or DVD where you have to pay for each individual movie
  • The Imoviesclub website provides ‘Secure Payment’ thereby ensuring the safety of your financial transaction online

Imoviesclub Cons

  • The subscription expires after a certain period and they offer three separate packages, so it is important to choose the subscription based on the amount of period you want to use the service for
  • Like any other movie catalogue or DVD store, it has a finite number of movies, so there may be a few movies that you cannot find here


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