Family Survival System

Designed by a survival expert with over 10 years of experience and credentials under his belt, the Family Survival System is a very unique program that offers helpful tips and strategies on how to stay safe and protect your family and loved ones when disaster strikes, especially when the US economy breaks down to a point of total disaster.


Family Survival System is a comprehensive guide in the form of a book that will help you survive when economic crisis hits your country, which undoubtedly is inevitable and irreversible phenomena. This book tell you how to survive and stay safe and protect your folk during times of crisis. This survival system has been segregated into precise sections with checklists that will help you be inline with the different ideas and strategies featured in the book. For instance, we have the Threats We Face in America Today section that deals with the different situations so that the readers can know what exactly they are going to face when the disaster strikes. Again, we have the Prepper Triangle that lays emphasis on skills, survival gear and other info essential for survival. Or, we have the Food – Gathering It, Storing It, Cooking It part that tells us how to select the right kind of food, and also the means for creating our very own food supply in a fairly practical and economical manner.

You can also have the Top 10 Knowledge Checklist that concentrates on providing you with impeccable resources that will offer you vital information about how to survive in times of disasters. The Top 3 Prepper Checklist that discusses the skills which will help you make it through any crisis you may fall prey to. The Start Small, Do It Now chapter of this book talks about the importance of following each step and every technique mentioned in the guide to help you keep your family safe. Priced at paltry charge of $37, Family Survival System may prove to be a boon to the readers owing to all the important info about survival provided by this guide.


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