Ex Factor Guide

Ex Factor Guide is meant for all those in a relationship who have somehow failed to keep their partner with them. This is a one of a kind program designed specifically for those who have gone through ugly break ups but desperately want their partner back. This book should not be confused with a book of magic or miracles that will help you with a magical spell to bring your lover back, because it is not. Rather, this guide book entails some simple yet effective steps on winning your love back. Let’s go into the details now.


Ex Factor Guide is not a one size fits all course. It doesn’t claim that the same course works for both men and woman at the same time. True is has got relationship advices for both men and women, but in to separate curriculums. The Ex Factor Guide for Men has been designed to sort our relationship issues for men, on how to get the girl back. The same goes with the Ex Factor Guide for Women too. Keeping in mind the individual needs of a man, this book has been crafted to help women winning over their guys. That’s what the best part is about this very unique program. The book focuses on a variety of features such as helping you understand the reason for your separation, what you need to do and how in order to make him/her get interested in you once again, and how you can make your guy/girl fall for you all over again and how you can keep him/her with you for good and continue a happy and lasting relationship for good. Simple texts messages that you need to send, simple words that melt the hearts of your partner; this book covers such subtle yet basic that are the foundation stones of a successful relationship. This book is a compilation of proven techniques that are guaranteed to have your ex running back to you, begging for a second chance.

This program comes packed with a 160-page interactive e-book, 5 hour Pro Audio Course, 3-part Pro Video Series, 10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction (E-Book) and 7 Steps to Sex Appeal (E-Book). Also you get a bonus offer of a 30-day trial of The Relationship Repair VIP Membership, and the best part is that you are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee.


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