CB Passive Income

The CB Passive Income License Program 2.0 is a comprehensive Internet Marketing program module that not only shows you how to make money online, but also educates you on how to maintain a steady flow of passive income from the same. A software program designed specifically for your, the CP Passive Income Version 2.0 does all the work for you, while you enjoy your own sweet time.

How CB Passive Income works

On signing up for the License, you are redirected to the Client’s Area where you shall be provided all the information on how to promote the link to your “Secret Web Page” that you shall create within less than minute without any hassle, and which you need to promote online on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. Promoting the link to the webpage will get you subscribers from which you can get your very own email marketing lists, people with whom you may want to deal with further. And to each of the subscribers, an email with a valuable free report from Patric will be sent to each subscriber, with the affiliate link to the product that’s being promoted, earning you steady affiliate commissions from it. You don’t need to do any selling or indulge yourself in any kind of marketing stuff. All you need to do is promote the link and the program monetizes the subscribers for you.


So, to summarize, getting the CB Passive Income will need you to execute the only job of giving away free reports, or sometimes the software and training modules from version 2.0, and the commissions you earn from it are limitless.

What CB Passive Income provides

  • Access to the CB Passive Income software that helps the user to create a clone of Patric Chan’s profitable “secret website”. All that you shall need to do is to enter a few basic information and then click on the ‘create’ button – and you are good to go!
  • Access to the entire back-end of the software program so that you are able to track the leads generated and commissions earned from the affiliate program

Patric Chan’s comprehensive internet marketing course that includes social media marketing and more. Also, the user is provided with training that helps learn how to promote your business online.

CB Passive Income Pros

  • Easy way to make money online
  • Training provided is useful for promoting business on the internet

CB Passive Income Cons

  • Using a software is quite unreliable as software are always prone to viruses
  • There is no payment method associated to the program; the commissions you earn may not reach you
  • Internet marketing tips change with search engine’s changing algorithm. The software may render obsolete within a short time


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