App Dev Secrets

The App Dev Secrets, as the title itself suggests, is an exclusive course based on application development for Apple devices. This special course has been designed for the ones who dream of creating and publishing their apps on the Apple store, but have not been able to do so owing to the lack of technical skills and programming knowledge. App Dev Secrets course provides and insight on how to design and create your very own app sans any programming skill, and publish it on the iOS store and earn big bucks selling it to the millions of iPhone and iPad users from all over the world. The course entails a 4 week program wherein you shall get to learn how to create your first iOS app or game, in a very easy and rather fun way.


Here is what the App Dev Secrets course covers-

  • Week#1– All basic information about game and application development will be covered, including developing your first game with Cocos 2d toolkit. Also, you shall learn to use iWebKit and create animated applications using Adobe Flash CS5
  • Week#2&3– you shall be acquainted with different iPhone development tools such as Xcode, Cocos 2d & iWebKit. Also there will be tutorials on 2d and 3d editing software for game and app development
  • Week#4– You shall learn how to market your game, and earn huge bucks selling the app or the game in the App Store

The App Dev Secrets course which comes for a onetime payment of $49 only, also provides you two bonus features, including the App Spy Bonus and the new Flappy Bird Bonus. And the best part about this program is that it is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.


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